Leasing provides 100 % financing.

Leasing preserves bank credit lines.

Leasing keeps your other credit sources available for future needs

Leasing makes equipment earn its keep.


You expect employees to earn their pay as they work. Why not apply the same standards to your equipment? With leasing, you pay for equipment as it works for you, not before. Just as you want to control operating costs, leasing helps you control your equipment costs.


Let’s say the equipment costs $100000, with leasing that equipment can be working for you with only $ 2000 down.

You can cover costs that are not usually financed, such as taxes. For added convenience, you can tailor payment schedules and terms to suit your company. And you are spared the inconvenience of locating your own financing source.

Leasing makes your money work as hard as you do. It's the smart way to establish or increase the earning power of your practice without increasing debt. You get the use of equipment you need - while preserving cash and credit for other needs. For well over a combined half-century, the officers of Gamma Funding have been building the expertise to handle the unique equipment needs of healthcare professionals.


Experience and common sense show that leasing keeps start-up and expansion costs at affordable levels.

In fact, physicians, dentists, and eye care professionals have told us that leasing enables them to acquire needed equipment that otherwise would have been financially out of reach, and this equipment provides income regardless if it is owned or leased.

Leasing can make more equipment available to you - thereby improving productivity and profit. By leasing new lab equipment for a medical practice, for example, you can add a new dimension of convenience and income.


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