Early-Stage Companies

• Capital for start-ups;


• We work with the startup entrepreneur and structure a very detailed business model;


• We meticulously go over financial  statements and projections to make them accurate;


• We help you to structure your company to maximize your equity and to watch

that the cash we bring into start-ups will avoid dilution to an institutional venture capital round.


• If your company has revenues of over $20 million and a healthy EBITDA, during that process, however;  your equity in the company has been diminished.


• That can occur because an expensive round of venture capital or if you have made an acquisition using your stock diluting  your ownership drastically;


• You would need to recapitalize and do it in a way that is able to buy out your early investors and increases your ownership;


• This is part of our expertise ; and we know what to do because we are familiar with the wants of private equity funds and multi-mezzanine lenders.

Our Structure 


We must determine if your company is within our area of interest

(If we are happy with the scenario and confident we can help you).  If we do, there is a likelihood we can create financial solutions through our relationships. ( angel funds and equity sources) .

To Start we  need an email with a  Company Overview. 

We do study your company business model and draw a plan. 


We find the matches for this particular situation.

• we will  get in-touch  with companies and investors already familiar with your field. 

• We will hold discussions with our top choices.  Applications and screening varies with each one. 

Closing. we will  secure you the funding needed.


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