Partnering to help grow your business
Many equipment salesmen confront this objection: "Due to lack of funds their client cannot purchase the equipment" this objection can be easily refuted by simply telling the customer:


"We will bring and install the equipment, after one month having this equipment making profits, you will pay the first lease payment" 


What better way to sell that requesting zero dollars at the sale inception and not to request any money for a whole month!


How can your client say no?

Our leasing sales training will help you close more business, increase sale size, and qualify your client. Their knowledge of the equipment  functioning is important but if they cannot offer ways to purchase it, it's futile. 

Easy Credit Approval

GAMMA offers OUR OWN system of approval. 

Most leasing Companies follow a credit model; it makes it, or it does not. At Gamma, we look for; out of the envelope, methods to get the transaction done. We want to approve leases, we say yes more often. Our diversity are many due to the fact that we work with a consortium of investors, each with different credit criteria gives us the advantage to get more deals approved. 

Flexible Payment Structure

Leasing structures can be tailored to your client's ability and needs... We are looking for every way for your client to be comfortable with their payment schedule.

Hand-Holding Sales Assistance

A GAMMA  representative is available to provide assistance on a sales calls to handle those critical negotiations, where the client wants to acquire your equipment but wants to be more informed of the different options in equipment financing.


At Gamma Funding we understand that your business is unique. Not one exactly the same sales strategy, business objective, philosophy, or requirements as your company does and therefore no other company faces exactly the same financing challenges that you do.




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Personalized Service

Provide your clients' name and phone number and we take it from there. Our aim is to make your job of selling equipment easier and more profitable.


Fast Processing of Transactions

GAMMA Funding is has developed proprietary technology that allows us to e-mail documents that expedite the process to arrive at the closing.


We have dealt with every possible transaction issue and have the know-how to get the tougher deals done.


We go out of our way to structure the and be creative to convert a tough deal into a do-able one.


Creative Structuring

When a lease application is presented to our credit manager, a GAMMA representative studies the transaction to fully understand and foresee any confusing information that could be a stumbling block to get the deal approved.

In other leasing companies, a majority of the lease applications are turned down because the credit personnel do not understand your client's industry.

At GAMMA we pay attention and we strive to get the leases done.

We understand that an effective financing partner can add great value to your company by enabling you to focus on selling your equipment or software.


Our commitment to understanding your needs, and those of your customers, together with our wide range of financing products and quick turnaround times means that we can custom tailor the right combination for you.