Buying a building?

Building a Shopping Center?

Building a strip Mall?


GAMMA is one of the only one-stop shop to be able to cater to your every financial need, from short-term bridge financing to permanent agency loan take-outs and everything in between.

Before you visit your bank we like to warn you that your financial package must be properly prepared. We are careful in structuring your loan that most likely will be approved.


Many people go to the bank and simply handle over their financial papers and hope for an approval. That's not how it works.


Once your credit report gets pulled by the bank an inquiry is posted in your profile, If the first bank says no, the second one will see that most likely your deal was turned down by Bank #1.

Already the demeanor changes and there is an aura of negativity in Bank # 2. We work with many banks and we know the different credit appetites of each. Do not make the mistake to save our fee of 3% and run the chance to be turned down.


Consult with us first.