Advantages of Leasing from the end-user point of view.

When you need a piece of equipment for your business or practice a dilemma appears:

To buy it, to finance it or to lease it.


All those options present a different perspective.

Let’s say the equipment costs

$ 100000, with leasing that equipment can be working for you with only $ 2000 down.


If you had gone to the bank and borrow the money it would have required 20% down payment or $ 20000 plus your credit line would have been used up.


Professionals are realizing the need to keep their bank-lines open and use leasing as an off balance sheet item.



Again, in most cases all you need to put down is one payment at the signing of the lease contract.  Bank financing will require you to put down between 20% and 30% of the equipment cost.

With Leasing you will be keeping your cash. 


Gamma Funding programs may be structured for individual practices to the largest clinics. Experienced representatives will help determine a leasing program specifically suited to your needs and goals. From start-up programs to practice expansions, you can depend on Gamma Funding. We can help you control operating costs, while making more equipment available to help you improve productivity.

Office furniture and systems* Value added computers ( with software written for medical practices)* Examination room equipment* X-Ray equipment* Office machines* Lab equipment including blood analyzers, cell counters and more.




1. You conserve your capital with 100 percent financing. If you invest the conserved capital in your business and compound the earnings, you off-set a
substantial portion of the lease payment each month.

2. You expand your budget by freeing capital funds to build inventory, add space or personnel, or enlarge your business. In addition, you can get top-of-the-line equipment with all the added features you really need.


3. You make inflation work for you, not against you, by paying with tomorrow's progressively less valuable dollars. If you buy with today's dollars, the tax dollars you recover tomorrow through depreciation are progressively less useful for you.


4. You can cover costs that are not usually financed, such as taxes. For added convenience, you can tailor payment schedules and terms to suit your company. And you are spared the inconvenience of locating your own financing source.


5. You may reduce your current tax obligations. If you treat lease payments as fully deductible operating expenses, they can be subtracted from pre-tax Income. With a lease term shorter than the useful life of the system, the tax benefits can effectively reduce your taxes. In contrast, your interest and depreciation tax benefits as an owner are typically claimed over longer time and are less in a given year.


You will get the same manufacturer's guaranties, warranties or services, as
well as discounts by paying cash up front.


You can acquire the use of equipment for your business for a lot less than you may think.
The right leasing plan can put equipment to work for you for a modest monthly payment that includes all your acquisition costs.



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